“Allah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’” [ Sahih Bukhari ]
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Abu Huraira (RadhiAllahu ‘anhu) reported: Allah’s Messenger ﷺ as saying: When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased).

[Sahih Muslim – Book 13 – Hadith 4005]

* No donation is too small in the sight of Allah


The Islamic Education Trust Annual Report (2022)

Other Donations


I.E.T's Dedicated endowment (waqf).

In Arabic, Waqf means to stop or contain. In Islamic terms, it is a religious endowment. This voluntary action is an ongoing dedication of one’s wealth to benefit a community. An example of this would be to build a hospital or a school.
A person can’t own a waqf donation and it isn’t something that can be sold. The benefits of a this donation continues through generations.



Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. It requires Muslims to give 2.5% of their qualifying wealth each year to help Muslims who need it across a range of categories. Zakat is both a spiritual duty and a vital part of the Islamic social welfare system.
Zakat is more than just a payment or a random act of charity. It’s a unique form of religious social welfare which benefits the whole community

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